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March 24 OCS Class


New Member
I was supposed to be in the March 3rd class but got bumped 2 days before I was supposed to go. Got my FINSEL letter for this class a couple days ago and I swore in today. I'll be seeing you guys there.


New Member
Hello everyone, my name is Meredith. I am late to the game because they gave me my orders two days ago and my command did not notify me that I had even received my final select letter. I will be joining you for the March 24th class. I am currently enlisted as a CTI and will be going Intel. Can't wait to meet you all! Also, just set up a new facebook account so I can join the group. I got rid of my old one because I never really used it, so admins I promise I am not a bot with no friends...


New Member
Just requested the FB group. I’m not sure who approves it but I’m a SNFO, my recruiter got my FINSEL but he hasn’t got it to me yet so I’m for sure in this class.