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  1. Ventus

    Diving Officers and JDO's

    I'm looking for any information about Diving Officers in the Navy. It seems like most of the divers are enlisted but there seem to be a few positions open to officers. Are these collateral duties or are they specifically tied to the Engineering Officer? What else can get you into diving in the...
  2. G

    What are my chances?

    Good afternoon, Im in the DEP in the navy with bachelors in kinesiology(3.2gpa). My rate is IT, and was wondering if I can become an Information professional officer Once I learn the IT job well. I do plan on pursuing a masters in computer science. I’m 24 years old.
  3. H

    Navy Career In Flight Ops/Aviation?

    Hi All, 26 y/o here who is seriously considering joining the Navy as an officer. I went to college and currently work in the defense industry and have had this urge to serve in the military for a few years now. I keep putting it off and now I think I’m too old to do what I’d like to but not...
  4. Mike M.

    USN Biochemistry Career Path in the Navy - Questions from a PhD Student

    I've been a lurker of this site for awhile and am just curious if anyone has any input/experience with biochemistry careers in the Navy. I will have my MS in Biochem in about a year or so and I want to have my next move planned before I graduate. I found some information on the Navy's website...
  5. musclesloading

    STA-21 IP Program

    Hello everyone! I am 31, have been in the Navy for almost 13 years, E-5, and am finally fully convinced to apply for an Officer Program. I am currently researching and preparing my package for the STA-21 IP/Core Program options. I am looking for insight on those specific designations. Anyone...
  6. Meyerkord

    Officer Promotion Overhaul

    https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/07/25/how-officers-are-promoted-will-get-its-biggest-overhaul-in-decades-heres-what-that-means-for-the-military/ Although it hasn't been signed into law officially yet, sounds like there are some significant changes coming down the pipe.
  7. derek.bane

    Podcasts or Audiobooks for OCS

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on podcasts or audiobooks that are strictly educational and aimed towards completing OCS and also the Naval Pilot Program. I saw there were a lot of suggestions about overall improvement (money plant, art of manliness, joe rogan experience, how I...
  8. abctotheabc

    14 MAY 18 SWO BOARD

    Since we're about three months out, I thought I'd start this board. Checking in for this. Packets are due April 6th.
  9. S

    Concerns with ROTC

    All, I'm a currently a high school junior who has been thinking quite some time about a career in the Navy with ROTC. However, like most high schoolers, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do or how long. Ever since I was little I always loved flying and I think it would amazing to go into...
  10. 2

    Prior service Claims Questions

    I'm creating a new thread because the stickied threads don't seem to be getting a lot of recent traffic. Also I have scoured the forum for the answer to my question with no luck. I spent 6 years on AD in the Navy with an honorable discharge blah blah. Claimed several items on my VA disability...
  11. E

    Not so good GPA. Do I still have a shot at going in as an officer?

    Hey, My GPA right now in college is not so great. I think it is at a 2.8 or so. Do I have to have a certain GPA before I can even be considered to go in as an officer? Or do you think if I can do well enough on the OAR/ASTB they will overlook my GPA? My other thought was this... If I don't...
  12. Derringer

    NFO process and qualifications

    Hi everyone, I have read several threads here over the last year or so. I just today set up an account to ask for some input from you all. It would be really great to hear from those with particularly recent experience with becoming a USMC NFO. Of course, any advice and info would help...
  13. G

    Navy SEAL to aviator

    Hello everyone. So I've had an interest in aviation for as long as I can remember and I currently hold a private glider license and almost have my private power license at age 19. I have also been a competitive swimmer for 10 years and enjoy being an athlete. I like both the special warfare...
  14. jason0231

    USN Update on Reserve Officer Leadership Training for 2017

    ALCON, The attached is the first in a series of updates regarding Officer Leadership Training and provides coordinating instructions in light of the transition from Advanced Officer Leadership Course (AOLC) to Reserve Intermediate Leadership Course (RILC) effective 1 Jan 2017, and the...
  15. M


    Does anyone know the quotas for Intel or Metoc communities the Navy is trying to fill for 2016?
  16. Bravo Kilo

    Dual Citizenship Regulations

    Hello, I'm pursuing a Navy commission but I currently hold a Dual Citizenship from the US and UK. I was previously enlisted in the US Air Force and it was never a problem since dual citizenship is allowed (for enlisted), but that is not the case for Officers. I'm prepared to renounce the UK...
  17. D

    DCO or enlist?

    Hi all, I have been thinking of joining the Navy for over a year now. I applied for active-duty OCS in my senior year in college, went through MEPS, but did not get selected. Now that I graduated from a 4 year university and have a steady full-time banking job, I have to take care of my family...
  18. I

    Does Masters matter or not?

    Is a masters in cyber security relevant to trying to commission into the navy or navy reserve? I have a bachelors in biology with a minor in computer information systems but my GPA does not stack up too well I believe, as it is low. I plan on starting this program in the summer and want to see...
  19. N

    Lateral Transfer from SWO to Intelligence

    Hello all, I am currently in the process of applying to be a Navy intelligence officer. My recruiter was straight up with me and warned me that my chances of getting intel are fairly low, given the nature of intelligence and the fact that I have no prior military experience. I have a B.A. in...
  20. sharkbait1

    Newly Sworn In - Commitment/Service Agreement Question

    Good morning all, Proud to say that I swore into the Navy yesterday! Going SNA, starting OCS in a few weeks. I've spent the last hour looking for an answer here on AW, but can't get recent information for my question. My recruiting office must not be so familiar with aviation candidates, since...
  21. Armitage

    SNA and Depth Perception

    Hello Everyone, Last night my recruiter dropped the bomb on me that I had been disqualified for SNA because I didn't score high enough on the Depth Perception test. This was pretty baffling to me but I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's not a mistake of some kind and try to move forward. I've...