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Xmas Gift ideas! Air Warriors Side Winder Dart Blaster! $10 free shipping lol


The Grass is Greener!
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Got a chuckle out of this product I saw during a recent google search of mine for "air warriors"...

Need a last minute stocking stuffer, or you want to lay waste to those Department Heads that annoy you with their late Friday all officer meetings? I introduce the Air Warriors Side Winder Dart Blaster for the low price of $10 from Walmart with free shipping! lol

aw toy.jpg


Note, no SNAs/SNFOs were hurt in the testing and development of this product. AWs forum is not connected in any with this product (I am sure I would get asked if I didn't say that).

Any of you have any good shopping gifts or ideas out there? I keep eyeing the latest GoPros.



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I have a GoPro, which is a really great product that shoots amazing video, but it's kind of a novelty camera (attach to pets, bike or jeep, etc) since I mostly shoot video w/ my DSLR.