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Which watch?


Former H-46 Driver
Engine break in fun on Speedy Tuesday Eve....

Plugging holes in the sky - ever the FCF pilot. Directional gyro is AFU hence covered up - old school wet compass action.

mad dog

liter of moonwatch
Hammy Niner Fife Zero railroad machine for usher duty at the Palm Sunday service.

NOTE: Original box with matching movement numbers and case numbers as well as original mitt pictured below.





mad dog

liter of moonwatch
Beloved Seiko 6309-7049 automatic for today...which was purchased new at the NASWF NEX in 1987 while an SNA in VT-2...


...and for the record, “mad dog’s Apple Pencil Bezel Insert Restoration Shop” is now open for business...



Well-Known Member
Is that [watch] an Omega Seamaster 300M?
It is in fact. I bought it at a jewelry store that I worked a security detail. They had dropped Omega, a few years prior, and happened to find the watch in a safe behind a bunch of Rolex products. New, int the box for 840.00 out the door. Pretty good day for me.

It's the same store that I could have bought about a year old Rolex Submariner for 1000.00 in 1990. At the time, I was single and making 17,200 a year. It would have been a stretch, but I could have done it with minimal pain. Made the mistake, and didn't get it. Maybe when my son is out of school, I will get one.