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What the USN looked like in 1915


Mumbles, one of the coolest videos ever. Nice to see our "ancestors" in the "normal habitat". They should show this in bootcamp and OCS.


Tweaking off my coffee
Awesome... Simply freakin awesome! It was cool to see how we have changed, yet remained the same in many ways. First two thoughts that came to mind were: 1. I wanna tie a tube to the back of that sub and 2. Ammo onloads can suck at times in the modern Navy, looks like they would have sucked a lot more back then:bigeyes_1


I am the hunted
Humping 5" shells during ammo onloads used to wear me out... I ain't messing with a 14" shell. Nice find, Mumbles.


DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
I didn't see a single guy that was overweight. Very physical work back then.
Right now one of the thumbnail pictures/teasers on the Navy Reserve website has a picture of a fat guy with some random byline about recruits and obesity. Hmmm. If I want to find out more I just have to click on it- far less effort than walking across the room to pick up a phone. How ironic.


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Though the USN has arguably become a kinder, gentler institution of much "softer" individuals, imagine what those men would have thought about the hardware we currently possess less than a century later. Stuff Jules Verne couldn't have conceived of.