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Apprentice School Principal
Is that after he got done chewing out all those disrespectful young whippersnappers going the wrong way down the Commissary aisles?
You should have seen what he said to the young sailor who brought 11 items to the 10 item or less lane....


The Grass is Greener!
Site Admin
Daily shelf check at the BX is complete, you all can start your day knowing that I wandered the aisles for you and there wasn't anything worth buying. With my recent lumbar strain injury causing me to shuffle along and my beard on day 30, all I needed was to start mumbling to myself and I would perfectly blend in. Yup, retirement transition complete! Hey there, did I ever tell you about the time in the mighty war pig we stood the ready for three whole months?!? Man, those were the days!



Working Class Bum
Super Moderator
Noticed that today...it was a nice surprise....thanks slacker.

BTW, nice lumberjack beard. I've been sporting a goatee since retirement.....isn't that the thing to do?