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USNA Mid caught bringing drugs into US...unintended consequence of gender/race bias?


I Can Has Leadership!
Yeah... I stood my fair share of restriction (adjudicated 2 days earlier and I would have had the N) as well.. but that takes the cake.

I smell a N in someone's future...


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Wow, and I thought that I got in trouble on my midshipman cruise for getting ratted on for bringing a girl back to my BOQ room. This dude is going to have to do more than buy a chief some beer to get out of this mess.


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Uh... it doesn't take a genius to figure out 150lbs.

Even the novice/first time drug user doesn't ask to purchase 150lbs... ;)

Log off. Go rent Super Troopers. Then come back and see us.

Someone ban this fool for the next 2 hours so he can do the necessary homework to engage in proper conversation.



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are you kidding me? man card revoked for 2 hours. put down the world of warcraft and go watch some good cheeky shenanigans.