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USNA Color Guard, Overly PC?


He bowls overhand.
I really long for the day that our society can get rid of the word "diversity" entirely. "Increasing Diversity" is a buzz phrase that sounds warm and fuzzy, but it really means that the organization (this is not unique to the boat school) is actively seeking to recruit people based on race, ethnicity, or religion. That is prejudice, plain and simple.

We don't need to continually emphasis people's differences based on skin color alone. Everytime we do, we are taking a step backward. All these diversity programs ever do is create racial tension and feelings of resentment.

Capt. Abrashoff (yes I'm a dork who read his book) got rid of the diversity program on his ship entirely, and replaced it with a "unity" program that aimed to remind Sailors of their common traits rather than emphasis their differences. As a result, he saw a drastic drop in racial complaints and a rise in minority retention rates. Apparently Big Navy didn't pay much attention to that.