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Transitioning to the reserves with 12 years Active Duty and 5 years prior reserve time


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Thank you all for your replies. They are extremely helpful and appreciated.

I think that VTU makes the most sense here. I don't need the SELRES money and don't care to promote, nor do I want to see the CAOC or Bahrain again for that matter:) I'm going to PM some of the folks on here to get more details on VTU.

Hit me up. Happy to help.


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So because a few people shit their pants, it's OK and appropriate that we all have to wear diapers?
It wasn't a few folks, it was almost a quarter of folks who had received orders to deploy.

NOSCs, or CNRFC rather, have "fixed" the surprise medical issues nonsense. We had Reservists who were intentionally hiding medical issues for MOB management. That is, when they got tagged for MOB and showed up for their RLD, their MOB would be cancelled due to the medical issue(s). Depending on the MOB, it would then get short-fused filled by some unlucky member. It was happening quite a bit.
It was much smoother the second time I went through, even though the medical part was still redundant it wasn't the shitshow I went through the first time.