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The return of barefoot running....now with Five Fingers!


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The point is valid, just the mechanism prescribed by the author is not optimal. The squadron just needs to have a culture that doesn't mess with one's flight box. If that requires a uniform change to enforce it, then so be it. I know the HTs had a thing a few years back where they took their patches off going into the brief to signify they were off limits for admin from that point on. It's really just a matter of maintaining that self-discipline by whatever means. Preferably, people don't get stupid about bugging guys about to fly. If that's a problem, then you have to start doing things to reinforce good habits.


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I ran the AFC Half Marathon this weekend in Saucony Kinvaras (7.7 ounces) and felt great afterward. Not quite as minimalist as Five Fingers, but kind of a transition shoe. I thought I was something until I saw guys and girls running the race in Five Fingers (baller) and then I saw a guy run the whole thing totally barefoot (gangster).