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The motivating parts of TBS


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Perhaps he is the only former occupant of the Yuma BOQ who enjoyed the lush lodgings?
His profile says that his life started off in the '80s in the USMC. I'm guessing it was probably in need of a minor facelift back then, but now... Harrier Dude put as much lipstick on that pig, and it's still a shithole. But I'll go with Master on this one (and plus up HD's fitrep bullet), I'd pick it voluntarily over "America's Best Value Crapholes"

If my story of the Yuma BOQ, involved burning it down, or otherwise demolishing it, would I win?
You would. Unless the USMC's response was to just put down a concrete slab and erect a bunch of Base-X tents with no AC, because of "budget cuts" then you would epic fail.

Oh and for what it's worth, I tried. It involved white gas, beer and not being able to take white gas on the plane the next day. Forgot about the strict EPA rules and just poured it out on the ground. Remembered about the EPA and pulled out my cigarette lighter. Quickly retreated inside the Q before PMO arrived to respond to the fireball burning next to the Q.

Harrier Dude

Living the dream
I specifically told both PMO and the Fire Department that if the BOQ was ever to catch fire, they are to get all the people out safely......then let it burn to the ground.


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I tried to get some rooms at the Yuma Q in Dec and was told it's closed for renovations. Has anybody actually seen work being done?

Harrier Dude

Living the dream
I call bullshit. I saw Flat Screen TVs, but the carpet and beds were the very same ones I slept on (both the floor and the bed) when I was in WTI, in 2005.

This is after you were here. I didn't get everything I wanted before I changed jobs, but that's what was in the works as I left.

You can't polish a turd, but you sure can roll it in glitter.