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The Great Flight Jacket Thread (wearing/buying Leather, NOMEX, WEP jackets/patches)


Former H-46 Driver
Yeah but who made the nametag? Where was the G-1 procured from - did it get shipped from Pensacola still in the plastic bag - taken from the pile about to be issued to some ENS? Who decided on nametag arrangement? Brown or black leather nametag? How did it get paid for? Did a Navy PR do the sewing?
According to the lady who ran gear issue during API, the President's staff sends sizing info down to Pensacola and they ship one up when a new president is sworn in. It comes from the same pile us mere ENS's get issued.

HAL Pilot

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President Clinton came to the TR when I was onboard for a 2 hour visit while we were underway off the east coast doing workups. During the planning session it went something like this (I was there as I was going to be the OOD for his visit):

Captain: Suppo do we have a size 44 flight jacket to give him?
Suppo (checking his list): I only have size 42 or 46 in Nomex. Nothing 42 to 46 in leather. I can have a 44 flown in from the beach.
Captain: That's too hard. Give him the Nomex 42.
Suppo; That might be a little tight. Isn't too big better than too small?
Captain: Too big will look bad. Too tight will hold in his gut for the pictures. Use the 42.

In the pictures of the visit, the zipper on President Clinton's Nomex flight jacket looked like it was going to burst open. Lots of strain on the seams too.


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Suppo on Indy did a better job!

I was on the flightdeck that day. Mandatory fun by XX amount of officers from each squadron. We drove down early from Atsugi, went to our staterooms...crashed for some sleep/card playing/ate our Japanese takeout (no Indy TV was playing since she was cold steel in port). We then went up on the roof when they arrived....quick speech...then fought traffic all they way back with the speedometer dinging in our ears (if you lived and drove in Japan, you know what I am talking about).



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At least that’s the sensible answer. Funny answer: supply shows he was already issued a leather jacket so they had to wait 6 months for a Korean jacket with unauthorized pockets and a tipsy gypsy patch
‘Mr. President, we will need to see your NATOPs jacket and request chit signed by the CNO (in triplicate). We also show you never turned in a set of boots circa 1944. We will be docking your pay with interest to cover the loss of government property.’

Hair Warrior

JO 1835
What are the naval officer designators that are allowed to wear the leather flight jacket, or that you've seen wearing a flight jacket? Obviously NA, NFO. What about AMDO, AEDO, flight surgeon, SUPPO's assigned to aviation unit, Intel O's assigned to aviation unit, 63XX LDO's, etc.?