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The Basic School. Research for Book

Harrier Dude

Living the dream
As in "If you become disoriented and separated during the movement, get down and stay put. When you hear the attack commence, run towards the sound of gunfire, raise your right arm and wave while shouting "football football football"....

...weeks later he was rolled back to the beginning to our surprise.
Every Marine who ever went to TBS will tell you.......it's "disorientated".


More humble than you would understand
Super Moderator
Every Marine who ever went to TBS will tell you.......it's "disorientated".
If he'd only used the "north-seeking arrow" on his map, he would have been okay.

The map, after all, is made of magical magnetized paper.


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This is a video made recently on our platoons time during TBS(Echo 5-12) the events are mainly the eight day war and MOUT, a couple ranges are included and a few helo rides. Something may catch your eye for further research.