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T-45 OCF Supp


Registered User
70/110 departures don't start recovery until nose passes the horizon unless that is a recent FTI change.

FTI says to "Neutralize flight controls as they become ineffective", I read that as once you can't hold 70 any more with pitch go to neutral. This is also a sheet that they gave us as in insert... and everybody loses it between OCF-2 and -3 (about 6-7 months apart).


Uncle Pettibone
Ive gotta digitize some of the tapes in my collection from 4.7 years of OCFing and ACMing in the Goshawk.. got a good hud video on a stud of mine on his last flight doing a no shitter 90 up tail slide... pull ahead function also pushes down.. wierd seeing 85 deg nose low hud and Velocity Vector symbology looking at the sun.