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SWO Board 12APR21

Hi everyone! I’m studying now for the gouge and the Officer Candidate School Naval Officer Delayed Entry Program booklet I obtained and there’s some questions I just want to ask you all to chip in with the answers to the questions below so we can all start studying and memorizing. I know it’s still early but never too early to start (amirite) since there's a lot to memorize especially if we're coming in as civilians like me lol

Asking for answers to these Questions [word by word from the book]

  1. Explain the program in which were recruited:
  2. Name and identify different warfare devices
  3. State the purpose of identification cards and recognize the information contained on an armed forces identification card/tag
  4. Explain what to bring to Officer Candidate School (OCS)
  5. Explain reporting procedures at OCS
  6. Explain what to expect at OCS.
  7. Explain the necessary attitude to adopt while at OCS
  8. Military Drill (Hand salute, stand at attention, stand at parade rest, execute left right and an about face, execute dress right dress at normal and close intervals) [Yall know any youtube videos to start practicing??)
  9. Describe when, where, and whom to salute
  10. Describe procedures for arriving and departing the quarterdeck
  11. Describe procedures followed during morning and evening colors
  12. Identify the two main objectives of the Department of the Navy
  13. Identify the duties of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Department Head, Division Officer, Division Chief, Petty Officer, and Division Leading Petty Officer
I already memorized the Oath of Office, Sailor’s Creed, 6 articles of code of Conduct, 11 general orders of Sentry, one mission of the navy, and alphabetical phonetics. Very shocked that I only memorized one of the questions listed above (11 general orders of sentry) when I saw the DEP orders in this booklet. If you all want a picture of these pages, assuming you guys don't have the booklet idk, more than happy to post here too since I didn't put all the questions in here! Let’s help each other as we wait! THANK YOU!!
I would like the pictures please, if you’re still willing.


Hold up hold up I looked at the google doc for this board and I saw highlighted names that were pro-rec N (red) or pro-Rec y (green)? I thought results doesn’t come out for awhile? Or is that at board?
When does the background check happen? My OR was very vague. Was that before the board meets or after? After they make their decision for pro rec y? The references I put in the SF86 hadn’t been reached out to so am curious if that’s a different step in the process or if it’s part of the other vague steps my recruiter mentioned happened between my app being submitted and getting on the board list. Or if they generally don’t reach out. Any insight?
I've already been contacted by my investigator so I assume it varies person to person.
Sheesh you're pretty much a guarantee yes. Why you doing swo? Wanna be captain one day?
I hope it's a pro rec y. But I never want to assume and then be disappointed. I don't have any direct experience with Navy life but I feel like SWO is the job for me, can't explain it. I'm open to putting in the time it would take to maybe someday become a Captain but we'll see what the future holds.