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Supply Boards and scores


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Just curious if anyone can tell me what my chances are of being picked up in the supply community. I am a civilian trying to get to OCS
My application looks like this thus far:
I have an MBA with a 3.5 GPA ( Just Graduated this past august)
UGPA 3.48 in Business Admin
OAR 52, 5,6,5 ( these last three scores I don't understand)

One rec from a Captain in The Navy
One from a Lt w/ local Fire Department
I have not taken the PFT yet, but I am in great physical condition, where I curently run around 5 miles every othery day and bike around 25 -30.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Your stats are better then mine and I got a pro rec a couple weeks ago, and I had better stats then a couple other people on here that got accepted as well. I have just heard that slots are hard to come by right now, but it is all hearsay, so if anybody is going to get picked up it is you.


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What are my chances of getting in?


I am relatively new to the forum. I was just wondering. I am putting in my package early next week for Supply. And I wanted to ask you supply guys out there what my chances of getting in are. Here are my numbers:

Age: 23
Degree(2002): Finance
School: Virginia Tech
GPA: 3.67
OAR: 55

Varsity Tennis, Plenty of Other Extracurriculuar Activities, Leadership Roles
Worked as a Financial Representative for a year and half
Okay LOR's

Again just curious of my chances. Like everybody I really want to get in. I just know that it takes a couple months to get a FINAL select. And if its likely, I won't get accepted, I need to start looking for another job. Its too long to sit and wait. Thanks for all your help guys.


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hey zuggerat,

thanks for responding. even with an OAR of 55 you think I'm good for Supply. I heard supply has like 85 spots open right now for fiscal year 2005. so i guess thats good.

also, when the board looks at GPA, they do look at strength of school don't they. i mean a 3.5 GPA at harvard is not the same thing as a 3.5 as a smaller school. (i didn't go to harvard, just an example).

lastly, i saw somewhere that the August supply board is meeting Aug 26. i know that if they pro rec me, i will be sent to the final board. now do you know when they meet next?

my processor put me down as my first date available for OCS as Oct 16 and I was just wondering how realistic it was that i could be final selected by then if i just put my paperwork in?


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the board meets every so often i dont know the exact dates, sorry. you really never know with the selections board, ive talked to some people and heard anywhere from 1 month to 3 months to hear final selection.

as for package and school difficulty, they may take one guy with a 43 OAR and not take someone with a 63 OAR, or they may take one guy with a 3.1 gpa and they may not take some guy with a 4.0 gpa, they're very fickle. im sure the board looks at all aspects of the applicant (ie. school difficulty, major, leadership roles, motivational statement, etc.) right now i hear its pretty tight, but from what i see on ur first post ur all around package is looking pretty good. ur gpa is in a good spot (3.67 is very good), virginia tech is a great school, u have sports, LORs, and ur OAR is good.

I suppose its possible for you to get final select by october 16th, that would be really freakin fast tho. the availability date just says that you can leave for OCS anytime after that date, so that really doesn't have correllation to when you'll be receiving ur final select. My papers are supposedly going in soon, and just to give you a time frame as to when i think ill be hearing (if i get to final select), ill be expecting a nice thanksgiving or christmas present.

i wouldnt worry about it, just make sure ur processors and recruiters get the right impression and they'll do what ever they can for you. that's about all you can do. if u wanna gimme an IM, im usually online, good luck dude.


hey zuggerat, what are you applying for this time around, and what are your stats (gpa and astb)?

also, gdstone goodluck with the selection, sounds like you are pretty competitive.


Final Select for Supply - 23 Apr 05 class

I just registered to the forum and I have similar concerns. I took the ASTB (OAR) sections of the test last Monday and was told it takes 30 days to get the results back. My recruiter said that he didn't know how the tests were graded or how they arrive at the overall score. The waiting is going to kill me.

I graduated from a "no name school" Davenport University located in Lansing, MI. I finished my BAS in Management and my MBA in Strategic Management (GPA 3.78). I am 30 years old and am a NAVET. I was honorably discharged in November 2002 and went straight to college full time to finish my degrees. I finished my MBA the beginning of August and delivered my copy of my service record and transcripts to my recruiter.

It is nice to find a web site where I can read posts from other people who are also going into Supply.


War Hoover NFO.
Super Moderator
Both navyjeff and gdstone should have a decent shot right now. In the case of navyjeff, test scores (still unknown) and age are a factor. You do get the navet waiver, but they sure are pushing the twentysomethings. Supply and CEC are going to be the most reliable high quota designators for awhile. Both of you should waste no time. Good Luck.


Final Select for Supply - 23 Apr 05 class
Thanks for the response. I'm going to give my recruiter a call in a couple of weeks to check on my scores. Waiting is the hardest part about all of this. Lots of people ask me if I know anything yet which makes it that much harder to put it all out of my head while I'm waiting.


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do I have a chance

Hello, Im new to this web sight and just wanted to thank everyone for putting something like this up on the Internet, very helpful. I have a question about my application in the Navy Supply community. I don't really think I have a chance but what the heck, I;m gonna apply anyways. this is what I'm working with....

OAR : 45
Major: Political Science/ minor Business
College: University of Florida
GPA: 2.86
-Played high school baseball and football
-Played college Baseball
-Good motivational easy
-involved in the community and PAD phi alpha delta (pre law fraternity)
letters of reference from my college baseball coach, professor, employer, and 2 Navy commanders

Another question is about arrests, I have a couple juvenile arrests, one of which was drugs..(felony) BUT i was not convicted..what happened was I was driving a friend around town with 2 of his buddies, well I was pulled over for a tail light being out and the kid in my back seat had narcotics on him and he put them on my back seat floor. The officer asked whos it was and the kid confessed. If I knew he involved himself with drugs I would have not of had him in my vehicle...it was a very bad night... :icon_rage ...the other was a misdemeanor...so do I really have a chance in the supply community or am I hopeing for something that in reality is out of my reach?


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Thanks for the reply MK. I talked to and officer recruiter in gainesville and he simply told me that "it wont hurt to apply, you never know" I guess the reason I posted this thread was/is because I'm a little impatient. I really want this and I want to prepare myself for the outcome in the future..when is the best time to send in your app? I heard the board meets 4 times a year..is it better at the end of month or beginning, or is the Board simply a mistery to all but the Board. :)


Supply Corps - BDCP 2007
the board is a mystery. the best time to get your package in is soon rather then later.