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Stupid questions aviators ask about SWO knowledges


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Wearing the piss cutter with a dip doesn't overcome making everybody else wear the NWU Type I/Smurf camouflage/"we want to wear camouflage too"/uniform of the Iraqi Police/abomination...


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Question: (1a) Do you like being a SWO? (1b) Was SWO your #1/2/3 choice? (2) What, in your opinion, is the best part about being a SWO?

I know stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, but I'm genuinely curious to see if SWOland is filled with only disgruntled souls and what part of the job they actually like.
I've never been on a CV but I would imagine that most aviators form their opinions of SWOs by CV SWOs. This is like me thinking all aviators are like P-3 TACCOs (no offense, my good friend is one). I always drove small boys and loved throwing them around well away of CV ops. Pulling into smaller ports was great. My first choice was SWO as I didn't have the education for Sub and eyes were not 20/20. I never liked riding in the back seat of anything. I've met only one SWO that wore a khaki combo cover after leaving his commissioning source. There are crappy things about the SWO community as we don't have the numbers of senior enlisted support so we do a lot more serious leading and managing in addition to ship driving. I would have loved a career path that separated engineers from drivers and had more warrants and chiefs to manage the divisions.