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My recruiter said they didn't do that in OCS... oh well I can do everything else physically... I stand up quick I blackout ... so I'll just pass out it'll be fabulous
You're the second person I know to think this. While I was on OHARP an applicant (who was already AD) said they were told burpees were not allowed at OCS. I don't know where all this bad gouge is coming from. The only thing you really have to do at OCS is not die.


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When I read this and think of today’s OCS versus the AOCS of yesteryear, I throw up in my throat a little.

You have no idea what a Marine DI can really do.
I have an idea... All family is in... That's why I'm worried about my blackouts... They are going to kick my ass... But I can't do anything about it...

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I was quoting my DI from OCS. But yes, we know at AOCS back in the day everyone walked uphill to class both ways.
I doubt your DI knows the “creativeness” the AOCS DIs were allowed. The DIs used to prefer AOCS over Marine OCS because Marine OCS imposed rules on them. At AOCS the DIs had no rules.

Here’s a book full of AOCS stories put together by a AOCS DI.



I have one more uniform question. Are you required to buy/have the Type III Parka? It wasn't listed on the items to bring but I don't want to pay $150+ for another one. Thanks for your help!