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Significant other nominated for leadership position, with cell phone access in first week at OCS.


New Member
My significant other left for OCs a couple weeks ago. They texted me briefly that they was nominated for a leadership position from by her peers, and in doing so recieved her phone back.
Is this common? How exactly does this happen? Will it stay like this for the whole duration of OCS? How will it effect their future? And their liberty?
Thank you!!


Well-Known Member
Yes, it is common. Each class is different but often the president and Vice President of each class have their phones.

He/she will have the phone for the duration if they are not fired (which is pretty common). I have seen presidents get fired by the way for calling/texting family. They were given their phones for the sole purpose of the class team being able to rapidly contact the class.

It means diddly for their future career and Liberty during OCS.