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Selected for Supply/OCS Class Dates


BDCP Supply
I got the pro rec on july 25th and finally swore in on oct 1st. I had applied in april. several people on here had to wait until oct 1st to swear in. when did you drop your package?


Registered User
My FINDOCS (I am a civilian) were sent [and their acceptance by the civilian processors verified] on October 6. Is there anyway to verify if it has been before the supply board yet? It is currently three weeks, which may not be enough time; however, I am just trying to see the amount of time that supply has been known to take. So how long did you wait from the time you submitted your final package until you were selected?


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Just got the phone call today (10/27/03). My package went out at the very end of September/beginning of October and my choices in order were Intel, Supply, Crypto. I was pre-selected for Supply. At first I was a little bummed b/c I really wanted Intel, but the more I've read about it, thought about it, etc. the more Supply has grown on me. So I guess now it's just my PRT, my physical, and some unknown amount of time between here and Pensacola..


BDCP Supply
MY fin docs went up in may. I would have been accepted earlier but the board was not meeting because they had no slots till after oct first. I waited about 6 months


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I submitted my supply application on Oct 2 got back my pro rec on Oct 27/28. Supply was an addition to my app which was originally submitted on July 25th. I still have not heard back about Crypto but my FINDOCS are in so for now I wait. It would be a nice Christmas present to get my date soon. :)

PU Grad

MAC flight user
It is always a nice Xmas present to have a date. Oh wait you mean an OCS date. Well I guess that would be nice as well, but I don't know much about those.



Registered User
I'm active duty and work at an NRD. I submitted my pak for Supply, Intel, and Crypto on Nov 10th. I got an email from a source at CNRC this past Monday and was told that I was being reviewed by Crypto and Supply as of last Wednesday.

My guess is that a board is going on. I also got an email from Supply Corps detailing office and they said that a board would go on in December. So you can count on it happening prior to Christmas week.

Some build me up here...tell me what you think my chances are...
3.93GPA BS Bus Mgt
4 O-interviews all 10's
10 seperate recommendations from Officers, X-Officers, PHD's, etc.
Great eval's
Cap'd to E-6 this past summer
numerous awards (even awards from CNRC)
Interior Communications Electrician, 7 years active duty
42 OAR (active duty personnel only need a 35)

I'm thinking that my chances for Supply are great...Crypto and Intel are tougher since I don't have a technical degree.

Just curious like the rest of you about my chances and where I stand against you all :)


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I was NPQ'd from flight. (SNFO) I submitted my redesignation package back in May. I was selected for Supply by the selection board 3 or so weeks ago.


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(i.e. no command opportunity, lower quality of officers and enlisted, fewer sea tours, dull work compared to the regular navy).
The vast majority of Supply officers go straight to sea for their first tour. Oh yes...you will be getting sea time in the Supply Corps. One of the cool things about Supply is that you can deploy to *anywhere* in the world. Supply is needed everywhere and at every command. You can't say the same thing for every other community.

Dull work? Well, that all depends on what interests you. As a Supply guy/gal, you are the go-to person. Someone will *always* want something and it is your job to get it. Excitement? Adventure? A Supply Corps officer craves not these things. If all you want is killing, spying, and destruction, I suggest going NFO/Pilot/SEALS/EOD.

Supply is for people who are business-minded. It provides a MASSIVE advantage for those who get out and seek a business career as a civilian. While your Navy SEAL gets out and jumps at a $40k job as a SWAT dude, your typical Supply Corps officer will get out and make double that, and possibly way more, if they apply their talents properly. You can walk out of the Navy with an MBA paid for by the Navy if you go Supply Corps. Combine that MBA and the practical experience of operating with multi-million dollar OPTARS will earn you HUGE paychecks on the outside when you get out. I say - Take the Navy for all its worth in regards to training and opportunities, because it WILL take advantage of you every day you are in it.

Command opportunity. Well, if your ultimate objective is to command then don't go Supply. I have absolutely no desire to command anything. If I were asked to, I would, but that is not my first, second, or third priority or desire. I don't need the title of Commanding Offcier to make things happen and to have a positive effect on my command.

Lower quality of officers and enlisted? How exactly did you come up with that tidbit? There are ****ty Os and Es in *every* community. Yes, even your beloved SEAL community...though I am inclined to say that there are significantly more squared away people in special forces than many other fields. I say this because I have met *numerous* Navy SEALs in the course of my career and just about every single one of them was an amazing individual. Don't label an entire field because some buddy told you something. Get to know people in that field before you forge your own opinion.


OCS 22 JAN 2005, NFO

Thanks for your candid and accurate response! Perhaps I have made a few incorrect assumptions.
My experience is limited since I am only a civilian and applying for a commission through OCS. I have seen the Supply Corps video and talked with two active duty Supply Officers.

Supply Corps Officers are certainly needed everywhere and in every community. You are correct that I should not label an entire field. There are excellent people in every community. As a Navy business manager there are excellent opportunities for leadership, Naval Post Graduate School MBA on second tour or third tour, travel, and most import the chance to serve.

Please check you personal mail for more info.


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I just got my orders for an OCS class date of
7 Aug 2004.

I also spoke to a LT in Athens who told me the January class date for Supply school was full.