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Reserve Supply Officer


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Apologies.. let me clarify to both of you.

I’m a 27 y/o, no prior military service, with a Masters (4.0 GPA). 6 years of work experience in project management/supply logistics. Interested in the reserves and hearing others experiences going through the application process. In speaking with my recruiter this week, he mentioned based off my resume, education, etc I have strong chance of being selected.

@ABMD thank you for clarifying that reservist go through DCO and attend ODS. Recruiter I spoke with said the opposite in that only individuals with prior military service go through the DCO process.
Compared to all but 1 person I saw get commissioned supply DCO you are a bit light in experience, but you are enough in the ballpark you should get the chance to apply, if you want to go active via OCS you could as well.


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If you are decide you want to apply your recruiter will work to coordinate interviews with Senior Supply Officers in your area, what they put on your interview evaluation form is very important for the board. What is also important is that your recruiter schedule these interviews with RESERVE Supply Officers as a high rank as they can get, O6 is preferred. Avoid doing interview with FTS (Full-Time Support) Supply Officers (basically active-duty reservists) their opinion doesn't carry the same weight at the board as a true reservist. My interview went like this, "Why do you want to by a Supply Officer in the Reserves?" and "What do you know about being a Supply Officer in the Reserves?" followed by an hour of talking about my civilian employment which has nothing to do with the DoD.

Feel free to ask me any question you may have.
The panel interviews I have seen done the OIC would be the highest ranking person and they were all senior CDR's. There are probably areas where the OIC of local reserve supply component is a Captain but from what I have seen it is more important to get the good marks from the OIC no matter if CDR or CAPT.


I'm a very recent Supply DCO applicant...a few suggestions. 1. Scour the internet and read everything you can find. There is a decent amount of information floating around, but its all very disparate. 2. If something doesn't make sense to you, or you are finding things that seems to be contradictory, ask about it. This could be to your recruiter, someone you know, or on this forum. Maybe I'm just lucky, but literally every person in the supply community that I've reached out to has ranged from helpful to going out of their way to be helpful. 3. Try to network with people in the community, its important to learn the nitty gritty of what being a reserve officer entails to ensure that you're interested in pursuing it.

Once you get to that point, come back here, I can give you plenty of information on my application experience. The good thing is you likely have plenty of time, as most likely the next board that you can apply for is next summer.