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USN Questions about Direct Officer Commission as METOC Officer in Navy Reserve


New Member
Hello Everyone -

I am a 26-year old graduate student who just a finished a Master's Degree in Chemical Oceanography. I am about to start a PhD in Physical Geography for which I will be transitioning more into Physical Oceanography. I am interested in maybe commissioning as a METOC Officer in the US Navy Reserves through the DCO program after I finish my Doctorate and find a job.

However, as an undergraduate, I was on a Type I Technical AFROTC Scholarship, for which I finished two years. Before Field Training, I declined my slot and elected to leave the program voluntarily which led to my subsequent disenrollment from the program and an Honorable Discharge from the USAF Inactive Reserves at the E-2 grade. Coming out of high school, I turned down appointments to the USAFA, USCGA, and USMA before settling on an AFROTC Scholarship. I am the middle of 5 boys, 3 of which hold commissions in the US Army and 1 who will commission into the USCG out of the academy in 2018. My father was also a hard-line Army officer who retired as an O-5 and thought an officers commission in the US Military was the only and best way forward for his sons.

After I left the program, I fulfilled the terms of my scholarship recoupment and repaid all of the money that was put towards my education. When looking through some old papers, I happened across my disenrollment paperwork from 2010, and looking through it, I came across my DD Form 785. In Section IV, I see option 5 - Definitely Not Recommended (for other future officer training) marked. I was a little surprised to find this since I left of my own free will, and was not kicked out for any integrity violations, substance abuse, arrests, or anything similar. I assume that this would definitely hurt my case if I apply for an officers commission in the US Navy Reserves in the future. I have come a long way since then, and my father never told me that commissioning routes like this and the NOAA Corps existed when I was younger either. My questions are:

1) Would the above completely exclude me from applying for an officers commission through the route I have outlined?

2) Is there anyway to have this outright changed?

3) Is there a way around this like a waiver?

If anyone has any other advice, it would be greatly appreciated. More questions to follow. Thank you in advance for all the help.