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Question for Navy Wives

Renegade One

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No shenanigans intended. My husband retired from the Navy in 1988 after 26 years of service. I was not married to him during his military career, in fact, I didn't even know him then.

I am just looking for a non-profit 501 c3 or 3c, whichever it is, that gives the most benefit to Navy families. It was suggested to me to find a forum and let the people who are actively serving now have their input.

I did not mean to offend.
Navy Marine Corps Relief Society is the way to go. They are a 501 (c) 3.
CrustyPelican: The USO (facilities in most major airports, in addition to the rest…); Armed Forces YMCA; NMCRS (as villanelle suggested…); "Wounded Warriors Project"; "Fisher Houses" (usually co-located with a major military medical facility); the list goes on and on. Google may be your friend.

Thanks for wanting to do your part to serve. :)


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Newbie question, but how do I go about getting access to the private spouses corner or whatever it is. My girlfriend is a Criminal Justice major who would like to pursue masters degree in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief. Do you think that military bases contract these kind of degrees in to prepare for these types of events? Or do you think this could be a could degree for a spouse? (Red Cross, or Government Contracting?) I want to see if our paths will ever work well together. I don't plan on being without her, I am just looking ahead before starting flight school. Any advice or PM's would be great!
Please shoot me a PM and I can add her. There's another thread around here to request it, but either way, I can't really do it from work (easily). If you shoot me a PM with her username, I can update it at home.


Nihongo dame desu
As for your questions, I think maybe you are trying to over-orchestrate things. I'm sure there are at least some disaster preparedness jobs on military bases, but I think trying to plan down to that level is a recipe for disaster. You are asking the wrong questions, IMO.

Instead of "can she get hired on a base'", ask in general if the job/career field is something that will be needed in most locations. Because even if bases have a few of those jobs, you can't rely on them being available in windows that match your orders. So what you want is a job that exists in most places, and also one that doesn't require state certifications (for the most part, though there are exceptions, but I won't go into them since it sounds like that doesn't apply.) So something common at a university, for example would be better than theater-- field where paying jobs are scare in most locales.

As for a "good degree for a spouse", I think the answer there is largely "whatever she'd study if she weren't 'a spouse' ". Unless that is something like law or med school, I think most degrees that have value for civilian spouses and regular ol' people can be translated into something that works in a fairly portable career. The choices she makes after she gets the degree are slightly more important, and perhaps those should be made with potential portability in mind. And she also needs to know that even is she studied marketing, she may well end up working as a fundraiser at a university, which has naught to do with marketing, but is a job in a town where you end up. If she can be flexible, then you are 95% of the way toward your "paths working well together". But she needs to know that her career will take brutal hits, potentially. Maybe it won't, but that can't be counted on.

And I feel the need to point out that all of this is somewhat premature anyway. She'd be a fool to make schooling and career decisions based on her boyfriend's potential (have you already gotten a flight spot?) future career, just as you'd be a fool to make career decisions based on the feelings of your girlfriend. Like it or not, girlfriends come and go. So, I suppose, do spouses, but the odds are at least slightly better there.


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Yeah I have been accepted to go to flight school and I agree I was just trying to be optimistic in thinking that these things could all work out. Hopefully it can, but again, I am not going to push her to do anything that she wouldn't do. Yeah I know that girlfriends and boyfriends come and go, and from the people I have talked to it seems that the majority can't get through flight school keeping the girlfriend but again I am going to stay optimistic.

I appreciate the responses! Thank you all!