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Professional Reading Drop Box


Pope of Chili Town
No, no, no, you're misunderstanding. That wasn't directed at you, it was directed at some of those you may have to work with (and potentially work for you).
Nah, those folks are great. They're just saddled with me.


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Currently reading a Sailor's History of the U.S. Navy by Thomas Cutler on a 12 hour watch. Actually not too bad so far, kind of a next reading level for the Blue Jacket Manual.

I did finish About Face by General Hackworth. Incredibly dense read but definitely worth it! Even nowadays it's easy to relate to the changing policies of the services being more concerned with "ticket-punching" than mission effectiveness.


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FWIW, Hackworth was also a professional gadfly who arguably helped badger a CNO into suicide. I’d just understand the bias of anything from him, because a) it’s dated by probably 20 years, and b) it’s not coming from a neutral source.