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Pilot/NFO Board FY 19- 13 Aug 2019

Prior. Active 2007-11, contract obligation ended 2015.

AEAN, attached to VFA-192 “Golden Dragons” and VFA-115 “Eagles” (crossdecked 2010), F/A-18C/E Legacy and Super Hornets, 2 WESTPAC cruises aboard the G-Dub.

Say, wait a minute, Pat. We’re in the 03NOV Facebook group together.
Getting picked up for Pilot/NFO must be an AE thing. I can't remember how many of my fellow AEs got their commissions over the years.
HOOYAH Aviation Everything! Pilots need heroes too!


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Can anyone provide any selection stats from this board? How many SNA's selected vs how many SNFO's etc.? Thank you!