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Ord Rep?



I earrned the Ord Rep billet due to my prior enlisted rank. Anybody have any good gouge about what this will involve? Ive heard some rumors about it impacting billets held and MOS choice. Thanks for any information.


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WHAT THE HELL IS ORD REP? never herd of it!, we had tons of billets/reps, but never that. PT, and Armory get the most face time from what I remember. Beyond that not much to do as a rep.


He probably means "Armory" Rep.
If that is what you mean, it has no impact on your MOS choice. Just do not get fired.
Make sure people show up zero dark thirty to draw weapons before FEX. Make sure they get cleaned properly on return. Long after we secure and people are on their way home, you still picking up rags and soda cans from the armory.Truth be told, the billet socks but that is like all of TBS!!

And dummy cord the spare barrel. It socks to turn around with platoon on-line to find a damn barrel.


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The ordnance rep = armory rep. Lots of face time with the staff and also many earlier mornings on top of peers' early mornings for FEXs. You'll also have to stay at the armory until all aux weapons have been turned in/accounted for. Also expect to be accountable for passing out optic the morning of FEXs and have to clean them when they are returned. No personal experience as ordnance rep, but my roommate was one (now a Plt cmdr in Hawaii). Any impact on MOS selection would be based on face time with the staff if any impact at all. Just don't suck at it and get fired. Not a fun billet by any means. YMMV depending on staff.


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You better hope that the Armory doesn't have to do a 100% inventory. I was the Armory Rep when they did that, and it sucks monkey balls. Make that hairy, sweaty monkey balls.


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There's also the daily sight count twice daily, and a serialized count on Fridays.

Any time optics, crew served weapons, SAWs, or M203s are issued out of the armory you are responsible for the checkout and check-in. You're there early and late. Don't suck at it because if you do gear will get lost. Also don't suck at it because the longer it takes you to inventory a check in of gear, the longer your company is "waiting for word" because they can't secure if your shit ain't straight.

It's a make or break billet. If you're good at it, you'll be a golden child. If you suck at it people will know your name, too. That's the way it may or may not play into MOS selection, and you'll read this thread later and realize what "METT-TC dependent really means (go watch Lt Beltbuckle on YouTube now and then watch it in 5 months, you'll get a kick out of how much you've changed your vernacular).

If you have an air contract, I recommend you suck at it immediately and get fired. It'll save you lot's of time, and FIGMAC anyway, right? Smilies are in effect.

Just curious, are you the Co. ordnance rep or the Plt ordnance rep?

One more thing...If in the future you have something on your EDL and you can't find it, remember...It's probably in the armory. This holds true for the rest of your career.


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no, your tbs billet will not have a direct link to your fleet mos,
however it will play a major indirect role,
screw it up and be a douch bag, get bad leadership grades becuase of it, be in the bottom third and see what you get then.
remember tbs is a big competition, unless your a air contract!!