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OCS quotes


Registered User
your most favorite, least favorite, whatever. let's hear em.

Gettwosheetsandablanketonlinerightnow (no, we couldn't understand the SI)

boy, you crazier than a football bat

hurt? injured? drink water.

(weapon hits the deck) follow it!!


War were declared.
"If any one of you sh*tbirds tries that again, I swear to God I will climb up the side of the chowhall like spiderman, jump off, and put my boot through your chest, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!"

"You like to play games? We can play games!"

"If you can't run 3 miles in 18 minutes, you're slowing your team down! And if you're a leader, and you're slowing your team down, you deserve to be left at the side of the road with a bullet in your grape!"


Hummer NFO
DI: Do you want to be my special project?....DO YOU WANT TO BE MY GODDAWN SPECIAL PROJECT!?

Candidate: No, Staff Sergeant!!!


One of my DIs found jolly ranchers in one of the candidates lockers and questioned whether he like gay farmers. He said that since he loved their sweet nature, he should scream at the top of his lungs that he loved gay farmers...It was pretty hilarious.


Knibb High Football Rules!
Hmmmm, you must have Golf Co.? They're the only ones who were actually able to address the staff by actual rank after Sule II. Some Golf candidates wandered into Echo this past summer and called our staff by their actual rank without their billet. That stuff was good entertainment.
My contribution:
"A Marine is best when he is tired, overworked, and pissed off, but you're not there yet candidates!"


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"ATT, aye aye Sgt Instructor!"
"reach out and..." "TOUCH SOMEONE!!" repeat 100 times while running, i mean humping 11 miles.

After PTing in a torrential rain..."none of y'all crazies better get sick"

My all time favorite inspection conversation:
"Candidate, did you brush yo' fangs?"
"yes sgt instructor!"
"whew...don't talk to me. look away, i don't want you breathing on me with that breath."
"yes sgt instructor"
"i said don't talk to me. Next time you talk to me, it better be with mental telepathy, yaundastandat?!.......i said do you undastand that? OH! gaffing me off now, right?"
"Sgt Instructor, this candidate was using mental telepathy"

we all started dying...the sgt instructor didn't bust up was beyond me.


Grad of OCS 187 Charlie Co. 3rd Plt.
LOL, oh man, I'm gonna have to laugh my self silly before I go to OCS and get it out of my system or I'm gonna wind up in a lot of trouble....


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still, you have to defer to R. Lee Ermey

"who said that? WHO SAID THAT?? which one of you communist **** twinkle-toed cocksuckers just signed his own death warrant??"


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Some quotes from Parris Island:
"Which one of you little $hit$ just spit on my deck? Who the hell was it?" With utter fear "This recruit, sir!" "Good you, pick it up now and put it back in your mouth now. 5-4-3-2-1!"
"Two canteens on line now! Drink your canteens now...5-4-3-2-1" "Done, sir, done!" "Put you canteens over your heads now!" A river of water splashed all over the squad bay and you hear "Get in my pit now!" Need I say more.


After watching me do side straddle hops"W---- you better go to supply and check out some rythm"
"You know why we don't trust you with your rifles, coz we don't know what you might do to them at night you freaks"
"Platoon Sgt, may these candidates bring powerbars to SULE II?" "I DON'T GIVE A ****"
"Talk to me like your my girlfriend too, nasty"

airwinger at 0108 as SDO


Registered User
Here are some classic Lege quotes.
"I swear to god thing, everytime I look at you a hear circus music"

"You do that again and we are going to be fistfighting"

As we marched to the chow hall and back he would tell the roadguard
"Guard my road bitch"

"Where my goons at?"

"I would rather rip out my best friend's throat and then try to save him then loose a fight"

And my all time favorite while waiting in line for the chow hall to open

Lege "I don't know why, I don't know why, I don't see a snow angel"

Candidate "Snow angel aye aye Plt Sgt"

Next thing you know candidates are laying in the fresh snow making snow angels.


New Member
one of my favorites, our Sgt Inst made two candidates go around the squad bay while everyone else was on the line and go up to each candidate and yell, "ha ha ha, i m stupid" i couldnt hold it. the same candidate had an MRE in his wall locker and the Sgt Inst made him sit indian style on the deck and eat the rice and after the Sgt Inst would say how does that taste, candidate would have to reply "it's mmmm mmmm good."

also the the same Sgt Inst caught a candidate taking pictures of our squad bay after it got tornadoed. he made the candidate pose for him and say "its slap my ass funny." all while slapping his ass. pretty freaking funny.