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Netflix recommendations?


Professional Pot Stirrer
I just finished watching Mad Men and Peaky Blinders, those are two really enjoyable shows for entirely different reasons. Mad Men is great because of the focus on core characters, their daily struggles followed by defeats and victories, and how the world changes around them in the 50s and 60s. Peaky Blinders is great because it's about a slum gypsy criminal family rising from low level racketeering after WWI to vast wealth with international business in England, and it focuses on a cast of a family of devilish and fun characters who use various (and usually violent) strategies to undermine and defeat their many enemies as the story progresses through the 1920s. I hope it gets another season.

But now I'm looking for another show, I was thinking of House of Cards or Sopranos but if anybody has another Netflix recommendation I would like to hear it.


Well-Known Member
Ozark for sure, although starts getting real dark down the road. Watching Yellowstone right now, not Netflix but been fairly entertaining most of the way through the first season. Billions and Succession are both terrific, also not Netflix, but worth borrowing a buddy’s login. Don’t judge a book by its cover/title, but the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is also outstanding.