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My Latest Purchase (or just pictures of your current guns)


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To disassemble a Glock, you need to disengage the trigger safety and pull the trigger, sending the firing pin forward.
Ok.. I have 4 Glocks.. I know this, obviously. I’m not sure what this has to do with leaving a gun in ‘fire’ while shooting at the range? If you’re gun has a safety it should be ‘safed’ at th range when not shooting.. Come on it ain’t that complicated. I made a tongue in cheek remark to Chuck and you’re overthinking this..
Couldn't take it any longer. Frank the Tank's Garand looked so good ordered another one (Service Grade) and it just arrived. It is a 1942 receiver, with a new stock and it was rebarreled in 1951 at S.A (Springfield Armory). Looks just like Franks.
Recommend anyone who wants a great shooter and a piece of history you might want to get one.

Next will be the approximately 8000 Govt. Issued 45's that will be available for order on September 4. Unfortunately, it is a drawing type sale so you have to be selected in order to purchase one. Around a $1000 for a fairly good one. If you order hope you get one!
When you guys do rattle can jobs on your working rifles, do you tape up the barrel or just spray paint it too? About to do one of my .308's with a free floated barrel.


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I tape up my muzzle device since it doubles as a suppressor mount. Depending on the shooting schedule, it can already be hard enough to get a can on or off, so I figure why add more problems to the issue...plus the pain will just melt off.

Otherwise, I just tape off whatever else I don't want to get splattered, which is basically the optic glass. Everything else gets blasted.
Gracias. I think its coming out alright, I just hate having black rifles. How do you like your colt lower btw? I'm thinking about getting the colt combat unit carbine but open to other carbines as well around that price range.


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They're Colts. Nothing pretty, but they function perfectly fine. The last one I bought was actually an Expanse lower (which wasn't made by Colt) marked as a Colt lower and the quality was significantly less. It seems like those have gone away and Brownell's is selling legit Colt M4 Carbine lowers that appear to be decent. They were just on sale for $299 but are regularly $399. that's for a complete lower.

But if you don't care about a roll mark, then any of the other regular names will be fine.


Former H-46 Driver
Weekend project - overhauled my 2005 Kimber 1911 Custom II. 20,000+ rounds

New Wolff recoil and mainsprings
New firing pin spring
Restaked safety/slide stop detent plunger tube - as it was coming loose (quite common in high round count 1911)
New skate board tape on front strap
New fiber optic insert on front sight.
Cleaned all parts and pins.