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Max Pull-ups - How long did it take you?


Vox Clamantis
I'm one of the lucky few who could always knock out 20 even when I was in highs school. I would have to credit it with doing lat pull downs with more than my body weight for sets of 6-12 reps. It's kinda like the guys in the nfl who bench 225 30+ reps, most train with more than 225 lbs. might have something to do with plateauing to quickly when you only train with 225 or bw for pull ups. I also can do about 25 pull ups with 25 lbs. on my waste now, too bad extra pull ups can't carry over points for my run score.

Pretty sweet dude, I'll be sure to let everyone back in 2008 know the secret to doing 25 pullups with 25 lbs on your "waste."


New Member
I saw it mentioned but I wanted to bring it up:

Use pyramids and ladders to break past plateaus with pullups or any body weight exercise for that matter. The whenever and wherever technique, aka "Greasing the Groove" works well for keeping up maintenance. I also recommend a variation of wide grip, "natural" grip, chin-ups, and behind the back pullups. They extend the range of motion of the muscles giving the individual more mobility. If you really want to screw with yourself, use a wider bar diameter (2").

Minus the bar, I do the same thing with pushups. A fun push up technique, that I call "explosions," is to set up mats or use some already existing set up that is outside of a natural pushup position, then when "explode" (like a clap pushup) from that position to a wider stance on the mats to finish the rep. Then a less explosive push back down to the starting position. This increases mobility, just don't screw up your face. I also emphasize strict pushup form, straight back and breaking the 90 degree angle of your shoulders and elbows.

This helped me PR at 27 a while back. Have fun, be safe.