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Max Pull-ups - How long did it take you?


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The best way to do more pullups is to do more pullups. Sure, if you're coming up on a PFT and you need to squeeze out a few more, a program might help you bang out that extra one or two, but with all the hours you spend online researching the subject, your time would be better spent on a pullup bar. Add weight, add repetitions, add sets, and you'll be maxing in no time.


I did pullups till my arms nearly fell off and I never got anywhere with that. So I quit doing pullups all together and just hit the gym working back and biceps on different days (along with rest of body). I never got 20 pullups so easily than I did on that PFT.


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I got one at Dick's Sporting goods. It was about $20. Its made of two pieces screwed in together. When you twist them it extends or shrinks. Put it in the top of a doorway.

My reccommendation if you use this product: The bar will be low so you will have to bend your knees. Dont just bend your knees and bring your feet to your ass. Lift your knees up to your chest (ok not that high but you get the point). The reason is that if the bar drops out of the doorway you will seriously f up your knees. If you bring your knees up and fall down, you will land on your feet and then roll to your ass and then back.

Edit: My bar didnt break. I've had it for 3 years now with no problems. I didnt mean to suggest that it falls down. I moved and didnt screw it in tight enough and I dropped. Messed my knee up for a good week.


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I had the telescopic kind that Slammer described, but it cracked the (poorly constructed) frame on a door. I'm currently using one made by Home Gym. It hangs from the door crossbeam, supported by a horizontal bar resting on the front of the door frame. The problem with this one is that it could leave dents or black marks on the frame when you take it down. If you have the means, the best bar is one that you screw/bolt directly to wooden studs (in an unfinished garage, perhaps).


Anyone have a good suggestion for an in home pull-up bar? Such as one they have used and has worked very well.

The Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion Rack is what I have, and I love it. Of course you don't have to use it for hanging upside down. The advantage this has over the $20 bars is stability, and the fact that you have two bars you can use for pull-ups. The top one works great because you don't have to bend your knees as much (or at all) to do 'em. The whole contraption is also very easy to take out if necessary. I highly recommend it - you can get it on Amazon for cheaper than anywhere else.


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I've got that one too - it's great. Just make sure that it's on right, not just hanging off of the frame on one side. Apparently you can use it to hold you for situps, but I never figured that out. Also, the screws on the top bar will leave scratches on your paint above the frame unless you're really careful.

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I'm one of the lucky few who could always knock out 20 even when I was in highs school. I would have to credit it with doing lat pull downs with more than my body weight for sets of 6-12 reps. It's kinda like the guys in the nfl who bench 225 30+ reps, most train with more than 225 lbs. might have something to do with plateauing to quickly when you only train with 225 or bw for pull ups. I also can do about 25 pull ups with 25 lbs. on my waste now, too bad extra pull ups can't carry over points for my run score.