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Lefties that make a neat briefing board


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A habitual complaint of Ip's in primary was that my writing sucked, so trying to improve that before advanced. However as I'm sure my fellow lefties have realized, your hand drags across while writing on a whiteboard and kind of makes it look like shit. So do any of you lefties have tips that helped you make a neater board? This may seem trivial just trying to not look like ass at advanced.
Don't worry. Powerpoint will soon own your soul!!

Mr Spenz

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You'll use ebrief in advanced for briefing items and kneeboard cards. It's a CNATRA website.

A professional board and kneeboard card are going to be a part of every flight you fly from now until you're done flying pointy nose. Figure it out, it'll get easier with practice.
I didn't know pointy nose actually brief...thought the student sits there listening to the IP


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I didn't know pointy nose actually brief...thought the student sits there listening to the IP
The flight lead briefs (or the backseat IP in a single-ship flight). In CNATRA and the FRS e-brief is often used. 99.9% of the time the student is not the flight lead and is 100% never the mission commander.

In the fleet, even though we don't use e-brief, the flight lead still briefs the mission....since it is his mission to run.


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Some IPs (in primary) allow the white board to be typed out on a std 11x8 sheet of paper. It looks neat and allows you to take debrief notes on the back.