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June 16th OCS Date


New Member
I have created the facebook page tiled as "June 16 OCS Class". However, if any Sailors in this group have access to eNTRS to check the class roster in order to validate that we are all future Naval Officers will be helpful.

Also, give a brief introduction about yourself and keep in mind not to include any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Thanks and I am looking forward to knowing you all.
facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/415834249236501/
I was on the waitlist for this class and just found out I got in. I applied for the Facebook group. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Looking forward to seeing everyone in Newport! I'm one of the weirdos who doesn't use Facebook.
Looking forward to meeting you as well! If you want to make a bland temporary fb account there is a lot of good info on there. There is a recent OCS grad who has answered some of our questions.

Newport On Time Rides

Prebook at www.newportbase.com
Congratulations to OCS June 16th Class!
We can pick you up at Providence Airport (PVD / T.F. Green) waaaaaay cheaper than a taxi. We have 24 hr Newport Naval Station Base access and won't leave you outside the gate like Uber or Lyft.
YES We are LEGIT !! We are recommended by the 3 hotels on base. Check past classes for positive endorsements.
Pre-book online.

If slot is booked..... CALL Tim 401-263-3037 . We will fit you in !
We can take 4 people at a time, take cash, all credit/debit cards with a Navy compliant receipt given.

Thank you ! ( NewportOnTimeRides.com )


Hey guys I got orders literally a week and a half ago to transfer commands and head to OCS for this class. Should be driving up on Thursday can’t wait to start on Sunday. Hope to see everyone there.


Hey guys, I tried joining the FB group using my wife’s account as I don’t have one but I do have a burning question. My orders say I am to report NLT June 15 but in the details it says report NLT June 16 at 0800. For my active duty folks what will you be doing? Wouldn’t want to get off on a bad start.