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Is MS Flight Sim worth it for T-6B?


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Thread resurrection just to show what VR sims are capable of. I have the flite advantage t6b software. Flying with course rules and checklists open (or whatever else you want, it essentially mirrors your desktop) has been a blast.
What kind of computer do you need to run that clearly? And what kind of VR do you use?


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What kind of computer do you need to run that clearly? And what kind of VR do you use?
At least 6 to 8 gigs of VRAM. I’m running a Ryzen 7 cpu and 2060 Super gpu. It’s oculus rift s (gives you the “pinning” function to see the screens). I’m working on optimizing the frames per second but it’s getting a little tedious.

People may have different criteria for “worth it” but I’d say it’s definitely been worth it to have this setup at home, while understanding it’s limitations.


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I'm in Primary now waiting to get scheduled for my first simulator (C2101).

I have been signing up for profsits (did my 5th today). My two roommates are still in ground school, but both have MS flight simulator with a T-6B glass cockpit, and they also have this new thing called TrackIR which is basically a virtual reality thing where when I turn my head, the cockpit view turns as well (I hope this makes sense...).

In MS flight sim, I would practice course rules around Navy Corpus and also practice EPs. Currently, I practice course rules by looking at drawings with a few friends and just going through the steps out loud. I practice EP's by reciting them throughout the day, and also by sitting in static trainers (a cockpit with switches but no computers connected). Whenever I am fortunate enough to get a profsit, I use this to practice both course rules and EP's, as well as comms and checklist procedures.

I'm just wondering how worth it this is. To get the TrackIR, MS flight sim, and the T-6B file, it'll cost me around $150.00. I have the money, but if everyone is going to tell me that its a complete waste/very little gain, then I won't bother.

It depends on your learning style. Is it going to perfect you? No. However Flight Sim is a staple in the aviation community as its utilized in a majority of the simulators (RedBird, etc.). Its a great refresher tool, but its not perfect unless you have a full set up. I use mine more for fun than anything.


I built a home VR sim for fun and for primary; I'll try to remember to post a picture and how-to-build when I get back from leave. It absolutely does not hold a candle to an OFT but I can say it certainly helped me with visualizing PELs and Aero, as well as chair-flying things. I'm done with contacts now but I liked using it for course rules and running my mission profile the night before an event.

I put it together because I already had all the tools for building it (PC, VR, HOTAS) except the software. If I didn't, I don't think I'd go out of my way to build a computer + buy the equipment for the sake of home simulation.