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Helicopter Air Ambulance Ramblings


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As if it wasn't clear from the airline threads, another piece of advice from the civilian helicopter community... It's a small world.

I got a call from my boss today (while driving to ferry an aircraft back home) asking if I knew someone from my former Navy life. I did know him and it's amazing how often there can be one degree of separation from someone in this job.
And the moral of the story is....


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And the moral of the story is....
Yeah, like @NavyOffRec said, I'm just rambling. But it's still a thing. I didn't pass any info positive or negative (I only interacted with him in the squadron spaces). But...that doesn't mean I don't know things. Hence, moral of the story....it's a small world.


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If anyone has any interest in HEMS, you can reach out to me. I've been working with Air Methods for about 5 years now and I'm qualified in the H135, H130 and the AS350. I'm happy to answer any questions.