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Growler "Golden Path"


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Where do helo selections split off?
I guess reading and comprehension aren’t your strong suit?
That’s the standard answer…he was being funny.

Serious answer is that it depends on the needs of the Navy and it varies week by week and month by month. Through the NFO syllabus, you have multiple selections:
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so, with all that said, write down “Strike-Fighter” on your dream sheet and do your best in flight training. Good luck.


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normally I’d say talking about Growlers is TMI but since you insist this thread is about them…
A good Growler before my morning shower is golden and the right path to start the day.
Interesting juxtaposition of shower and golden in the same sentence.


is clara ship
Sorry cowgirl, we are all pretty much just messing with you, but I note your earnestness :)

Study hard, learn from your mistakes in the airplane, keep a good attitude, and you'll make it through. The aircraft you ultimately select in that process could be a result of all those things, or it could be purely timing. Could be what you want, or it could be something else. Most important thing is that you get those wings and move on. Coming out of Meridian, I asked for Prowlers and got Hornets. Turned out just fine. Growlers are a great goal, but nobody can predict how things will pan out for you, nor offer you actionable advice beyond just giving it your best. There is no cheat code, and there is no magic NSS that will get you there. It's become a joke around here, but there is also no % that get a particular airframe. One week everyone might, the next week none. Keep plugging away and I (almost) promise you that you will be happy where you end up. But keep shooting for Growlers. It's way better up here than the rest of the Navy has any idea of......shhhhhhhhhhhhh