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Gold to Silver - Active Duty Version


Internet killed the television star
So, it's been over two years in the making, but here's my gouge on how to move to Mother Blue.

The caveat, the Air Force has temporarily put a hiatus on active-duty rated (pilot) transfers. I ran into a lot of roadblocks with conflicting instructions being an active duty-active duty transfer. I have a feeling they are trying to sort those out because as it sits right now, the AF still needs a lot of pilots. I have no idea when they will start taking IST pilots again.

Please reach out to me for help, with questions, etc. I feel like I lucked into a good deal and I want to help others if they are so inclined.



is clara ship
Do you have any gouge on how to continue looking yourself in the mirror after the transition? Is it similar to the cure for putting on O-4, namely, alcohol and a healthy denial of self esteem?
The only long term solution is elimination of any original thought or opinions. Farva was basically on life support when he arrived in Fallon the second time/post DH....just a broken doormat of a man....but look where he is now! 😝