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For those who are voluntold or are going to volunteer for Vance AFB flight training!

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Alright...I'm going to post this...I was holding on to it to give PM's if they wanted to know, but now that this thread is alive again. Its on like Donkey Kong! Read the disclaimer at the top and again at the bottom. It is LONG and its a bit chaotic sometimes, but if you want to see what Vance was like through the eyes of an 0-3 during advanced, you might want to read it when you have time. This has been shown to fellow AF guys and fellow Navy LT's and just about all of them agree with what is in here. Again its LONG, but it was what I took down an a day to day basis and compiled into a document format later on. Its not your usual Vance vs. Navy and was written originally to be based on a "course critique" type of format. Agree or not, it was my experience, nothing more or less.



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Alright ladies. No need to get your panties in a bind. It's a bias opinion. I'm not in the Air Force but I can reason without picking favoritesm, unlike some people. I have talked to many people. From 2ndLt's who are going through Navy primary as we speak, to others who are now in advanced after doing their primary at Vance. I have also talked to 0-3's and 0-6's who have seen, first hand, the type of aviators that come out of Vance in comparison to primary. And no matter what the experience was, they have all noticed the pilots coming out of Vance to be better prepared and further along than those coming out of primary. I had one Navy LTJG tell me how easy advanced jets was because of the training he got at Vance. My buddy is at primary right now and he fly's once or maybe twice every 8 days... I fly on average 9 times in 8 days! But hey, you don't like my opinion on the matter because I think your precious Navy training doesn't get you as prepared as Air Force training does, that's fine. I could care less. Take whatever road your heart fancies. Cause in the end, it's all about whether you can fly or not.


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Thanks for the contribution. Keep 'em coming.


I've heard the exact opposite from when I went through as a stud and through the fleet. Who's right? Who knows, probably neither and probably both, because in the end, it comes down to the individual, as you alluded to. As for comparing fly days, it's kind of moot. The AF curriculum does have studs flying 2x's a day more than the Navy one does, but come to the end of a quarter or fiscal year, and even that gets thrown out the window (in either direction). A lot of the no-fly delay is either squadron manning or weather. When I went through primary (Navy), I was flying twice a day in RIs, to include weekends and sims, only because it was the end of the year and I was a completer. I finished Primary in 15 weeks or so. Then I got to intermediates, and I took the whole 6 weeks (it used to be a 2-6 week window). My point is that in the end, it doesn't really matter.

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