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Europe under extreme duress

Max the Mad Russian

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Good article in today's Foreign Affairs about the success of recruiting to Finland's Armed Forces.
Seems to me that it is just partly government wisdom, the other half (at least) is originated by Finns' special national virtue called "sisu". No close analogue in their neighborhood states, if any. Sisu is akin to voluntary willingness to considering no things as unimportant details - everything is important and should be treated properly, which in turn takes time. Sisu makes the general Western "quick or dead" behaviour irrelevant in Finland: oppositely, you'll be dead being too quick. The Finns' self-respect is based on it. Tactical speed might be as high as possible - after all, the F1 races as well as an ice hockey and skiing all contains the famous Finnish names in their respective histories, but strategically all Finns are slow thinkers, who prefer to stick with the proven wisdoms of their lifestyle.
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Max the Mad Russian

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The new movie hits the cinemas in Russia, "The Crimea" -
A lovestory at the background of the Crimea invasion of 2014. A cheap trick to tease the Russian national identity. Funny enough, the film is issued at the very moment when the other movie, "Matilda"
about the last Russian Tsar Nicolas II's love affair is trying to get the people's attention strongly against pro-government movement aimed to discredit and even forbid this ancient story. A propaganda bells general quarters.