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DCO Intel Eligibility & Process


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After joining the reserves I’ve noticed two types of officers

Prior active duty who left and want to just finish up and retire

DCOs who want to do more in the Navy. The DCOs all seem very very very different then the prior 1830s.
There's also the prior service who want to do more. Prior service folks know the game whereas DCO's come in all fired up not knowing the game.

Having motivation and enthusiasm is excellent, however, never underestimate the reality of the given situation.
I've known plenty of former active duty Intel types that are just as keen to do good in the reserves as DCO's.
I didn’t mean to imply the prior active guys don’t want to do good.

Just meant that some seem a little cynical about the Navy. Can’t blame them sometimes I feel that way too.

I am a prior 1830 now 1835 and still feel like I got something to offer to the Navy and want to do well.