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Current NAMI medical process questions


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Working a mini science project. I'm looking for any info on what is currently being done at NAMI for those dudes that are fresh into the pipeline.

Specifically, is it still basically a long form with EKG, anthros, etc? Is there any psych or neurological testing being done?

The background, I'm working on some comparisons between Navy and Air Force entrance medical requirements for flight school.



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It's not always a long form, depending on what you had done prior. I just had a short/admin form at NAMI since I had a long form at OCS. Still had to do my regular annual a few months later when my birth month came around.

Anthros are done as a separate appointment.

We didn't have a neuro/psych eval, but they do put you through a short research study in which they collect data to create new versions of the ASTB.