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CH-53K ground tests

Randy Daytona

Cold War Relic
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And this is the Chinook those big engines (with the appropriate upgrades to the transmission and combining gearbox) should be added to: the Model 347 (it is still on display at Fort Rucker)

The aircraft was extensively modified and featured a 110 inch stretch in the main cabin, retractable landing gear, a four blade rotor system in which the blades were longer than the standard CH-47D blades by 30 inches, and an aft pylon extended upwards by 30 inches.


The Boeing Vertol BV-347 in flight with the gondola extended.

The Boeing Vertol BV-347 with the wing rotated vertically.


The Boeing Vertol BV-347 undergoing flight testing.


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That’s a low-cost trainer. It just uses off the shelf computer parts to give a general cockpit mock-up, it’s not representative of the actual hardware. You can see the screens simulate the bezels of the actual physical-button MFDs.

We had them to practice button-pushing, switchology, and learn the new HOL software in VFA.
Did you use them in Whidbey too?