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Breakdown of "The Drama"


St. Francis/Hugh Hefner Combo!
Super Moderator
Did she leave the site? Her profile doesn't appear to be active anymore.
She did, I tried (very fatherly/gently) in a PM to explain the culture, and that bailing out in a mild T-Storm tends to be a career crusher (like a DOR when the shit starts sprayin' in OCS), but she wanted out. I implored PNL to reconsider & hang in, but to no avail. I sincerely wished her well... onward.:(


Dirty Hinge
Yeah, she'll do fine on the ship...she's a harassment case waiting to happen...future keeper of the hurt feelings file folder...

Steve Wilkins

Teaching pigs to dance, one pig at a time.
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She rolled out earlier today. I deleted her account at her request. There were a number of things I wanted to say to her but I left it as it is. Her mind was made up and I was really in no mood to emotionally baby sit someone.

Yeah, she'll do fine on the ship...
Truth be told, I don't think she will. I'll be surprised if she makes it through OCS.

...she's a harassment case waiting to happen.
It's scary you even say this because that's EXACTLY what kept going through my head as I was deleting her account today.