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Body fat % taping question

Hair Warrior

New Member
Jackjack's advice is very bad gouge.

If you want to lean out, keep doing what you're doing, but-
  • Sleep 8 hrs a night in a blackout room
  • If you're hungry, eat something healthy (my $0.02 is to eat paleo/primal)
  • If you're thirsty, drink water (I also do plenty of black coffee in a.m.)
  • DON'T restrict caloric intake on purpose - but ok to skip a meal randomly if you aren't hungry
  • Lift heavy things 2x per week
  • Sprint intervals 1x per week
  • Pushups, situps, and/or 3km run as needed to increase or maintain scores
  • Rest day when you feel you need it
  • Relax and enjoy this time - this ain't the time to stress out or veer wildly off course
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