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Aviation Supply

Renegade One

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Not so fast…there are still NASOs, as well as their counterparts in the surface, sub and expeditionary warfare communities. Basically, become a Supply Corps Officer, then have a "significant tour" in an aviation environment (CV/LHA come to mind…I'm sure there are others), and do the PQS or whatever quals there are. But I do think it's a "officer warfare specialty qualification badge"…not a wholly separate designator or career field.


Renegade is correct. It's not a separate field in Supply, its proof of significant experience and knowledge. I will add that although CVN/Big Decks are the biggest source, you can earn it at a few squadrons, ASD's, various wings, and I believe as few bases as the supply officers.


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A good friend of mine did a shore duty assignment as a SUPPO at a Naval Station. Also, on my summer cruise the SUPPO of the helicopter squadron was an O-3 SUPPO as well. Most first tour Supply Corps assignments will be with a ship or submarine but after that there's opportunities to serve with an aviation command.


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Any update

Plenty of Aviation Supply opportunities exist. A friend of mine is going to S-6A (aviation supply) as an Ensign straight out of Supply School. Granted, he was a prior LS1 and it was a hotfill billet, but regardless they are out there (though typically Supply officers will have a chance to earn the NASO by their 2nd or third operational tours)