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And the PRT changes yet again


Super Moderator
Situps are out in 2020. Planking (yes, planking) is in. As well as alternate cardio on a rowing machine. Figures they’d get rid of the one event I know I can max. Feh.

My wing AMSO once told me the PRT office in Millington was staffed by two O-4 physiologists competing for one EP FITREP. Can’t confirm, but it’d explain the need to keep screwing with the PRT every few years.

Recovering LSO

Suck Less
Sit-ups are stupid and do not evaluate core strength. The rower, depending on how they set the standards, might be a significant challenge for some who are looking to skate.


Dirty Hinge
I actually think both of these are good changes. I can’t stand the bike/treadmill and do the run, but can crush it on a rowing machine, so now I have a viable alternate cardio for those cold/hot days.

Planking? You mean how I rest during pushups? Hopefully they have pretty straight forward guidance, I don’t want to listen to someone count out every five seconds so I know which scoring block I gave up on...


Pork Chop
Also, are we planking from the elbows or straight-armed? If straight-armed I can see push-up scores dropping due to shoulder fatigue.

Treetop Flyer

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