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Advice from Parents

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Give them well thought out reasons

rahall79 said:
This is a question to all the parents out there. I am currently trying to get into Marine Corps OCS. My parents are dead set against it, because they feel I am throwing my education away. Just curious what light you could shed on teh situation. Thanks for any advice.
-- I've never replied here before so if I do it wrong, forgive me. If you point out several things (perhaps in a short letter to them), you might convince them - tell them that a US Marine or Naval officer is one of the most respected jobs in the world. Point out to them that instead you could go to work for Sprint/GM/whatever and lose your job in a layoff in a few months and use your education in an unemployment line like So many well-educated people I know (including lawyers by the way). Obviously they are also worried about your safety, and that is something much harder to help them with. Formulate your thoughts, lay them out and show them that it's a well thought out plan. My son is in NROTC, and I support him, I know if he doesn't follow his dream he will always regret it (as I regret that I gave up a dream of mine).
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