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OCS 17 April 2016


Getting past the big 3 and ranks is taking some time.
IMHO it helped to write them word for word copying straight from Appendix B and then read it out loud - go through all of it once.
Start back at the beginning, write as much for each as I could remember - all the way through again. Take another color pen and highlighter and find errors. Read out loud correctly as I am correcting them.
When I am working out, running, swimming, or really anytime my mind is prone to wandering, I repeat them to myself.
About the fourth or fifth time writing them I was able to complete all parts correctly with out looking, and able to do it fairly quickly now. I am better on some parts than others, so if I struggle with something one day, that is my focus for the next. Be warned, the writing takes a good deal of time, but it has helped me a great deal. All ranks follow a pattern so that helps speed me up as well. This is just my two cents on studying this very information packed packet. Good Luck!


Hey everyone I made a Facebook page and group. I have no idea what the difference is. If you would like to join, it's "Navy OCS class 1316". Look it up!
Paging Ky7, would you mind making the Facebook group private? Class officers/drill instructors already have access to everything we post here, keeping some of the fb stuff private will probably benefit us all.