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15 Aug 18 Pilot/NFO board


Making Recruiting Great Again
I got a serious question for you. My recruiter didn’t say too much. I haven’t received a finsel yet, but I was informed today if I can leave for the Sept.23 class. I’ll go if it works out, but is it possible to go without having a finsel on hand. Long story short, they need a couple more applicants for the sept.23 class, and they are asking if he had any applicants who are okay to leave this weekend. I just wanna know how possible it may be. Thanks
Crazy, albeit it’s possible. Your OR wouldn’t be telling/asking you to ship unless it came from higher authority.


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Haven't checked AW in ages, but figured I'd check back in here. I was notified about a month ago now that I am PRO-Y for SNA! OR said I might not receive a FINSEL until mid-October/November because my availability date isn't until mid January as I'm out at sea on a 5 month contract with Maersk Lines currently. Good luck to everyone heading to Newport over the next few months!


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For future lurkers or anyone curious about an update, got my finsel after a ridiculous wait time with N33. OCS Jan 20. Good luck everyone