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Putin Actual

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For all of us who will be attending the April 12th class of 2020. Great place to get to know each other, post a little about ourselves , and get each other ready to graduate on time.


Howdy Class,

TX resident, Texas Tech Alum, former health and safety manager, 22, SNFO.

I found an old 2017 OCR, in addition to what is provided for us on the OTCN website. I'll post them here for convenience

Here are the documents explained. I had a last NOV grad confirm that the gouge is still relevant, it is. He stressed the importance of AP.B.

  1. (OCR Ap B) From OTCN website. This is the place to start, and is the most up to date. (https://www.public.navy.mil/netc/NSTC/otcn/pdfs/OCR Appendix B.pdf)
  2. OTNIST = OCR from 2017. Jump to page 167 to view Ap B. The OCR provides a detailed break down of OCS. ( https://www.reddit.com/r/newtothenavy/comments/bl3sg6 )
  3. V3_OCS = DEP Guide from OTCN website. Gouge starts on page 26. The PQS functions as a good checklist to gauge our preparedness. (https://www.public.navy.mil/netc/NSTC/otcn/pdfs/V3_OCS_DEP_Guide 013-0238_OCS_UPDATED_20180906.pdf)



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Hey everyone,
Just became aware that I was selected by the december supply board and my OCS date is april 12, 2020. Can't wait to go through hell with you all.